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Robert & Kelly Steele
South Taranaki

"We found all the calves reached their target weights quicker than previous years which allowed us to sell the bull calves 2 weeks earlier:"
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Geoffery Wilson
Telesis Friesians - 2006 Otago sharemilker of the year

"Not only did they show a much quicker rate of weight gain but were in a league of their own with vigour along with looking stunning, their coats had a deep shine and their bright eyes showed a calf on top of the world.
From the way they have developed I have no doubt the investment will pay off very quickly once they start production".

David & Anna Affleck
Davana Farming Limited, Oamaru

"None of the Calf Boost calves had developed the scours, but our other two mobs were slightly affected by scours."

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