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Palamountains Revive

Reviews of Palamountains Revive

Pete Richardson - ‘Wereroa’, Waitotara, South Taranaki
“The first trial group consisted of 20 ‘tail end’ yearling steers which were the poorer ones of the mob. They got  a couple of doses of palaMOUNTAINS during a 4 week period and within the month end they had caught up to the rest.  In my view they certainly were visibly improved and it gave me the  confidence that the product worked.  I then drench the rest of the mob and again saw good results. I have also used this product on sheep as a pre-lambing boost with a pleasing outcome. This product is a very good tool to use on stock to give them a boost and improve general health.”


John Petersen - Central Plateau
John purchased a 20ltr at the 2014 Fieldays and on the 16th June drenched his beef cattle. These were re-weighed on 26th June and they averaged a 12kg weight gain at 1.2kg per day. John commented that these sort of weight gains do not happen here at this time of the year.
These cattle were reweighed last month and have increased further after the second drench. The difference between the two groups is the control group have increased on average 1.2kgs daily where the treatment group has increased 1.8kg daily.



Geoff Murdoch, Heronslea Farm, Wanganui

Following on from the December / January trial conducted at our Wanganui farm I thought it timely to send you our thoughts on the product and “gut feel” results. I guess we need to set the back ground before I give you the “result”.

The winter and spring of 2008 was probably the worst experience for both my manager and me. The stocks came through the drought of 2007/8 in reasonable condition but were lighter than we realised, however the wet, cold winter and spring seemed to tip the stock over at critical times. At one stage in September we had 29 cows on the ground with acidosis this resulting in a 30% milk reduction for the September / October period. The herd seemed to take a lot longer than usual to lose their winter coats (see ‘BEFORE’), it was as if they were on hold and needed a kick start.

When you first met with us you will recall 7 calves in the front paddock. You challenged us to give your product to them as it would assist them in getting over the ill thrift and persistent scours.
The product was given to calves on the meal and simply sprayed on the silage in the feed pad to the cows. After two weeks (see ‘AFTER’) the stock seemed to blossom, coats looked good and their hooves were shiny… something we had never seen before.

The most interesting observation was what I call “the perfect poo” that is must have the consistency of good porridge with three circles. This is normally seen in autumn when a good balance of feed and stock contentment is achieved. This was seen in the yard and the paddocks.

While we cannot quantify a production increase without the use of a control group, I am happy to say the herd has maintained the same production through late December and January, and indeed we are in the “above average” group when compared to farms in the area.
While this may not seem too great an achievement, you need to note this season is the first season back on twice a day milking after 4 seasons on once a day.

I am happy to trial this product in the late winter / early spring as this would be the optimum period to see the true benefits that may be in the product.




Sheep Testimonials


Murray Rohloff - Alexandra
“I’m a ram breeder and was concerned about my ram hoggets after a tough winter. I dosed these six weeks ago (mid-September 2014) and I’m now very happy with their presentation.”

Guy Martin - Canterbury
“I drenched the stud lambs with palaMOUNTAINS REVIVE 10ml at tailing, 20ml when weaning in December and 20ml when changing feed late January. During this time stock remained a lot cleaner than normal and at the end of March the average weight of ewe hoggets was 55kg.
On the 4th April my ram hoggets were tested and weighed averaging 60kg. They all appeared very healthy and full of energy and vitality.

I will continue to use REVIVE as a health supplement to produce better livestock.”

David & Jackie Stodart - Te Anau
“We drenched our sheep in August with Revive and didn’t have the ewe deaths as in previous years.   Although scanning results were slightly back we had a better lambing percentage at tailing time.     Lambs were drenched at tailing and again at weaning. We didn’t have any lambs away last year prior to Xmas, but this year had two drafts, average weights 18.26kg and 17.74kg. This was 8% of our total lambs. Our first draft was in 86 days where they averaged 407gms/day. Our hoggets were drenched 15ml Revive prior to going on crop and we are very pleased to see how they have come through a very tough spring. The shearers commented on how well our ewes shore and we achieved a 14.25% increase over last year.

We have found all our sheep to be very clean for dags this season.”


Otiwhiti Station Hunterville Revive trials

Charlie Duncan - Hunterville
“Otiwhiti Station Hunterville have now been using the palaMOUNTAINS Revive products for two seasons and have found this product an important part of our animal health program for getting the best results and improved returns for the station.
I would certainly recommend that farmers take a serious look at including palaMOUNTAINS Revive into their sheep & beef stock health programme for this coming season.”


palaMOUNTAINS Revive tailing drench trial


 Deer Testimonials

Stodart's palaMOUNTAINS Revive Deer Testimonial

David & Jackie Stodart - Te Anau
“We drenched all our deer with Revive once during the season and found we were able to send lighter animals away early for higher prices. Our velvet stags averaged last year 4.37kg and this years average is 5.14kg. This is a 77gm increase for $9.62 per animal. We found Revive extremely helpful in young weaner deer to give them a much needed boost. Throughout our entire farming operation Revive has been very helpful with our overall stock health and performance.”

Bill Hales - Hanmer Springs
“I have used REVIVE this winter, mixing it with the hinds silage and drenching the weaners. From this programme we have had an extra $37,000 income this year, coming from an investment of $2,775.00. So that’s a 1345% return on capital invested, as you can imagine I’m pretty happy with that.”

Bruce Shield - Sefton
“In over 30 years of deer farming I have never seen my animals look so good. The reason for this I put down to the introduction this year of palaMOUNTAINS REVIVE which we have used since the Autumn.
We have had shiny coats, no fence walking, scours or deaths.
With a zero mortality rate and overall improved yield we obtained a return on our investment of 18.11 times. REVIVE is easy to use, I have mixed it with feed or drenched, and am more than happy with its performance.”

Mark Hames - Te Anau
“All our velveting stags were drenched 60ml REVIVE at button drop and 30ml prior to regrowth. Our results have been fantastic with a 20% increase over the average of the last three seasons. Good comments were also received regarding the quality. We are very happy with REVIVE which we will continue using next season.”


We'd like to hear your feedback. If you have a story about using our product please send it to us. If we publish it we will send a special thank you.