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Reviews of Palamountains Avian

Showing Budgies

Leolie Ennis
Show Budgies
Timaru, New Zealand

"I would recommend this vitamin supplement to anyone with birds of any kind. I personally wouldn’t be without it."

"I have been feeding mybeau Avian for about six months and it is the only vitamin supplement that I use. I have been using it on my Show Budgies as well as my Roller canaries and have found that they have benefited enormously from it, compare to other years when I have not used it. I have found for the first year since I have been showing budgies, I have been able to show at the first show of the season, which I haven’t been able to do before, due to the birds being still in moult and their feathers not tightening up, I not only showed this year but won as well. I have found it very good in helping them get through the moult earlier, and in better condition.

We are now using it for all our birds, including a rather spoilt Rainbow Lorikeet called KC, who is not a very good eater, but enjoys mybeau Avian mixed into his farex each morning, he is looking much better now."



Pet Store

Pet Planet Indoor Avairies
Donna Donaldson
Retail Manager
Pet Planet, Dunedin, New Zealand

" has dramatically reduced full on, long term moulting and appears to be very palatable for all birds."

“Over the last two months our Retail Pet Centre has introduced the dietary supplement mybeau Avian into our indoor aviaries, which house a collection of assorted parakeets and large hook beaks. Never before have we added a vitamin, mineral supplement to their seed, but after a duration of 2 months we have noticed an improved result in all of the birds treated. Due to the artificial environment they are kept in, with heating and a major cooling system, most birds would be in a continuous moult year round, therefore putting a lot of undue stress on the birds and their immune system.

We shall continue to use mybeau Avian in this situation from now on as it has dramatically reduced full on, long term moulting and appears to be very palatable for all birds.

Thank you for the opportunity to use this great product and after the continuous success of the canine and feline MyBeau in store, we will not hesitate in recommending mybeau Avian to our bird enthusiasts and clients”.



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