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Reviews of Palamountains Pigeon Express


David Anthony & Roy Reed
Pigeon Racers
Christchurch, New Zealand

"The Pigeons are easier to get into the super form necessary to win races."

"Since using Palamountains Pigeon Express on our racing pigeons we have noticed that they maintain great condition and health all of the time with lovely silky feathers, bright clear eyes and boundless energy. Young "squeakers" leave the nest looking like little champions. The Pigeons are easier to get into the super form necessary to win races. We have had some extraordinary results while using Palamountains Pigeon Express."

1st & 2nd - Young Bird National 2005 -  478kms
1st to 9th - Young Bird Souhth island Supreme 2005 -  376kms
1st - Old Bird South Island Supreme 2006 - 478kms
1st, 3rd, 5th - Young Bird Teams Classic 2006 -  375kms
1st to 8th - Yoiung Bird Cook Strait Classic 2006 - 472kms



Len Head

"My pigeons had been on palaMOUNTAINS – Pigeon Express for over a year and I am impressed by the nice shiny feathers when they come through their moult.
Recently, my Blue Bar Cock flew a race in stormy weather from Oamaru to Wanganui (1036 km’s) in a time of 12 hours & 35 minutes and he won!"








Attila Kovács
Dove Breeder

"I have used this vitamin for four yaers and I am very satisfied with it"
Veiw my website of my Doves


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