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Reviews of Palamountains mybeau Bone & Joint

Buddy - Skin Irritations

Buddy Wayne
Australian Terrier with Skin Irritations

I have an Australian Terrier that 3 months ago was in a terrible condition with biting, scratching and taking big patches of hair out of himself. I had him at the vet who didn't seem able to come up with an effective cure.

I had spent a small fortune on vet fees, to no avail. He more or less told me that some dogs have a skin condition that is incurable. I even lifted our carpets and put in wood flooring as some-one told us that there might be some mites in the carpet that were making him allergic. I just happened to see Bob Kerridge (the SPCA man) had an article in his Woman's Weekly column about this product "My Beau" The dog in question had much the same problem. I've had my dog on "My Beau" for 3 mths now and it's wonderful how he has responded to the product.

I wish to thank the makers of "My Beau" for this wonderful treatment.

I told the vet "You don't need a vet with this" However they stock it on their shelves but seem to overlook its benefits. So thank you so very much for the answer to a doggie’s prayer. I still can't believe the wonderful change in him. It's just like having a new dog in the house and he's happy as well.
Hope you will be encouraged by my story.

Regards & Thanks,
Yvonne & Buddy Wayne


Lani - 14 ½ year-old Poodle

Robyn Fond, Auckland, New Zealand

"I started my 12 year old poodle on raw meat, chicken necks, veges and rice as part of a raw diet that I heard about, that was remarkably healthy for dogs, as they were never designed to beeating processed food. Many have allergies, or simply do not absorb what they need to be vibrant and healthy. In addition to her new diet, my groomer and vet suggested putting her on vitamins. I could not find any that sounded easy to use and interesting, until my vet (Dairy Flat) suggested MyBeau. I tried her on the liquid for a month, and noticed that her eyes were brighter, her energy levels were much better, and she had a real spring in her step! I have kept her on MyBeau daily for 2 ½ years now, and she truly is like a prancing puppy! Everyone who knows her is AMAZED at how bright and spry she is, her coat is rich and beautiful and she is a happy wee camper!And now she is 14 ½!
I would highly recommend MyBeau for anyone who cares for and loves their precious is a wonderful thing! And as all of us animal lovers know, we would do ANYTHING to prolong the health and happiness of our precious furry family members, wouldn’t we???
Thank You MyBeau for a fantastic product, that has given my gorgeous poodle a new lease on life!"




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