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Reviews of Palamountains mybeau Senior

Dr. Liza Schneider BVSc

Veterinarian opinion of mybeau
Holistic Veterinary Services
Tauranga, New Zealand

"Simply adding mybeau, I’ve had patients that have shown significant improvements from many conditions."

“The veterinary profession is increasingly aware of the valuable roles that nutritional supplements, especially vitamins and essential fatty acids, play in the general health and well-being of our patients. A good diet with the correct supplementation helps to provide a solid foundation of health and often bridges the gap from functioning normally to functioning optimally. This goes a long way helping to prevent disease and enhance the quality of an animal’s life.

Simply adding mybeau, I’ve had patients that have shown significant improvements from many conditions. Chronic skin problems resolve, stiff and sore joints become more mobile, recovery from viral disease like cat flu is accelerated and older animals gain a new lease on life. It never ceases to amaze me that when the body gets what it needs, it works wonders to restore its own health. mybeau has been an invaluable asset to my practice. Its formulation is excellent and it is very palatable making it easy to ensure compliance. I have no hesitation in recommending mybeau not only as a useful therapeutic tool but also as a vital aid to help in the maintenance of long term health.”


Sue Allen
Happy Customer
Waikanae, New Zealand                                                  

 We have a gorgeous Golden Retriever named Stella. She is 8 years old now and has been always been a very active dog, always on the run! She had been having difficulty getting up from a lying position for the last year or so and sometimes had an obvious limp. She was not a happy pooch and seemed to be quite depressed. She had been on very expensive drugs prescribed by the Vet with no noticeable improvement. We started her on MyBeau Senior Vitamin & Mineral Supplement around 5 months ago and the difference has been nothing short of amazing!! She is so much happier, no sign of a limp and very much more mobile!! And an added bonus – her coat is beautiful, so shiny and soft!! So thank you MyBeau for your fabulous product, I recommend it to all animal lovers!!
Sue & Stella Allen



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